Outer Banks Podcast - Presented By Seaside Vacations

#4 Vince Simansky - Local Surfer, Dune Buggy Enthusiast, And Former Lifeguard

September 28, 2018

The Outer Banks Podcast, presented by SEASIDE VACATIONS. Today's episode is a MEET THE TEAM podcast with Seaside Vacations pool and spas supervisor Vince Simansky.  Vince tells us about his time as an Outer Banks lifeguard back when there were private, for-hire lifeguards on the Outer Banks.  He also talks about his involvement in the Outer Banks dune buggy scene, what it’s like to be a local Outer Banks surfer, and the art of shaping surfboards.  We also touch on rip-tide safety so if you're unclear about rip-tides, hopefully, this podcast will make it more clear for you.

The 8th annual "Manx On The Banx" dune buggy gathering on the Outer Banks:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/367888356967393/

Mustang Rock and Roast 2018: http://www.mustangmusicfestival.com/mustangrockandroast/


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