Outer Banks Podcast - Presented By Seaside Vacations

#3 Daryl Davies - Outer Banks Disc Golf

September 7, 2018

Today on the Outer Banks Podcast we talk to Daryl Davies who has designed and built a new disc golf course on the Outer Banks.  This is a great new addition to the Outer Banks that will allow both visitors and locals who play disc golf to play 18 and hit the beach, sounds like a good day to us!  We talk about the specifics of the course (it’s actually in the woods), the sport of disc golf, and Daryl shares his secrets on how to GET BIG THINGS DONE.  You can learn more about the Casey Logan disc golf course on the Outer Banks by visiting their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OuterBanksDiscGolf/ . As always, it’s Seaside Vacations’ mission to spread the word about the Outer Banks and help as many people as possible experience our oceanfront playground.  A visit to the Outer Banks is truly transformative.  Start your Outer Banks trip today at https://www.outerbanksvacations.com/ .


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