Outer Banks Podcast - Presented By Seaside Vacations

#17 - Hang Gliding Spectacular - Billy Vaughn & Megan Turner

April 15, 2022

On this episode of the Outer Banks Podcast, presented by Seaside Vacations, we talk to Kitty Hawk Kites Flight School co-managers Megan Turner and Billy Vaughn about the 50th annual Hang Gliding Spectacular, and Outer Banks tradition. Billy and Megan tell us about this longest-running hang gliding competition in the world and all of the events that happen surrounding it. Not that you need an excuse to visit the beaches of the Outer Banks but this 4 day event is as good as any. 

Rent an Outer Banks beach house here: https://www.OuterBanksVacations.com

50th Annual Hang Gliding Spectacular info and schedule of events: https://www.kittyhawk.com/event/hang-gliding-spectacular/

Try Hang Gliding with Kitty Hawk Kites: https://www.kittyhawk.com/adventures/hang-gliding/


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