Outer Banks Podcast - Presented By Seaside Vacations

#14 Jessica Taylor – Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research

July 9, 2021

The Outer Banks Podcast presented by SEASIDE VACATIONS. This episode focuses on the happiest mammals on earth...dolphins! Jessica Taylor, the executive director for the Outer Banks Center For Dolphin Research and naturalist on the Nags Head Dolphin Watch tells us all about our flippery OBX buddies. We talk about where to spot dolphins on the Outer Banks, how dolphins communicate, what to do if you spot a stranded dolphin, and the great work that is being done by the Outer Banks Center For Dolphin Research. Jessica also touches on dolphin conservation and tells the story of a dolphin that got caught in a ring Frisbee. Do you know how many dolphins there are on the Outer Banks? You will after this episode.


Rent an Outer Banks beach house here: https://www.outerbanksvacations.com/


Outer Banks Center For Dolphin Research: https://obxdolphins.org/


Go on a dolphin tour with The Nags Head Dolphin Watch: https://www.nagsheaddolphinwatch.com/


Outer Banks Marine Mammal Stranding Network:  https://sites.google.com/site/obxmmsn/

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